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We provide online and classroom training to domestic and international aspirants, specialized in CLINICAL SAS, BASE SAS, Advanced SAS, Data Analysts / Business Analysts & Data Science with Python and helps in obtaining Global Certification.

We also provides summer training, semester internship and skill based job internship to students and fresher’s.


    • Name - Dr Preeti Patel
    • Education – BAMS
    • Organizations – Apollo Hospital
    • Designation – Clinical Data Analyst
    • Course – Clinical SAS

    “I had learned clinical SAS course, it was very helpful for me to build my career in clinical analytic domain, earlier most of people was asking me, being a doctor why should I go in different way, I had taken step to go along with my doctor degree with clinical SAS, I am very happy and I took the right decision”.

    • Name - Anupama Verma
    • Education – M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
    • Organizations – TCS
    • Designation – Statistical Programmer
    • Course – Clinical SAS

    “Being the M.Sc, I was very confused, will I be able to understand programming language as I didn’t had any previous exposure to it. Trainer helped me a lot and made me understand the SAS programming & CDISC in better way”.

    • Name - Rajesh Raut
    • Education – B.com
    • Organizations – Unifab Pharmaceutical
    • Designation – Admin Executive
    • Course – Business Analyst

    “I always wanted to work in big corporate but my education wasn’t enough to get me through. Then I did Business Analyst and now I am working with one of the corporate“

    • Name - Mohan Reddy
    • Education – B. Pharma
    • Course – BASE SAS

    “ learned BASE SAS, trainer gave me in depth knowledge & enough time to understand the course and guided me for my BASE SAS certification “







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