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Analytic is the future.


What's in it for you?

SAS is one of tool which is used platforms for data analytics in the worldwide , Advanced SAS is advance label of SAS programming including SAS SQL , SAS MACRO facility, interpretation of output ,SAS Macro help you to do reduce code, repeated code .

Skillsourse will cover multiple advanced techniques to analyze & summarizing the data via Procedure & Macro also cover topics which is require by organization on advance label like PROC REG, linear Regression etc. these technique help you to explore the depth knowledge of SAS, take benefits of Business Intelligence .

In many domains, Advance label of SAS knowledge is must & if you already know SAS also want to explore your knowledge & want to grow in SAS then it will be very helpful to you.

Advance SAS will give you, higher label of programming knowledge, Data step programming & efficiency technique to resolve complex data problem handling.

Who can do this course?

who had already completed BASE SAS course .






Base, Advance Excel



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