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Internship: Summer / Semester/ Job Internship?

Summer /Semester Internship:

we provide summer & semester internship for MBA , MSC , BE, BCA students , which will help to understand the corporate world working pattern , we will enhance your skill based on candidate educational background in Sales , Marketing , clinical etc.

Duration: 2 to 3 Months.

Job Internship:

we also provides the job internship related to you career course , job internship will help you build your career , for fresher it will be very helpful because every organizations want skill based candidate along with experience , dummy project & case study related to organization work that help you to lot enter in corporate world & to understand the actual work of organizations .

Duration: 6 months & 1 year

  • • We will provide you to work culture according to organization.
  • • Classroom training if it required
  • • Dummy projects / case study .
  • • Job Assistance






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